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SVKK Club Online: Legal Update Covid-19


In our Legal update –webinars you can learn about the most actual legal matters concerning corporate and labour law changes in Russia under COVID-19.

Speaker: Evgeny Dzhafarov, Head of Legal , CLIFF Legal


Employment, Corporate and Property Law

  • Legal regulation of labour relations: remote work, electronic employment record books, new rules for making a severance pay in case of dismissals, a new form of report to the Pension Fund.
  • Legal regulation of leasing property in the new reality and measures to support landlords and tenants.
  • The key changes of the legal regulation of corporate relations due to the Coronavirus pandemic: the postponement of annual general meetings, consequences of a decline in the net asset value at the end of 2020.
  • The remote management of a company during the pandemic: tools allowed in accordance with the Russian legislation.

IP Rights and Personal Data

  • The draft law on blocking mobile applications containing copyright-infringing content.
  • The new tax benefits for IT- companies.
  • Rambler vs Nginx. The practice of the Russian IP Court on the ownership of intellectual property objects (software) created by employees.
  • The new liability for breaching the data localization requirement. The Twitter and Facebook
  • The draft law on the liability for breaching the requirements in the field of the privacy of personal data.

Dispute Resolution

  • The regulations on the use of telecommunication technologies in holding court hearings (video-conferences with remote courts all over Russia).
  • The new rule on the transfer of legal disputes involving sanctioned parties to Russian courts.
  • The new court practice on the application of the Force Majeure contract provisions.
  • Sanctions and Issues Around Them

Participation in Legal update webinars for FRCC membership companies only.

Information and registration through web-site or by contacting Elena Niininen:, tel. +358 50 360 7742

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