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SVKK Club Online: Legal Update COVID-19

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Date: 24.11.2020, 11:00-12:30 Mow (10:00-11:30 Hki)

SVKK Club Online: COVID-19 Legal Update
Remote work — can you cook and work at the same time?

Due to coronavirus pandemic, the issues of regulation of remote work have become increasingly important in Russia. Even before the pandemic the Russian regulation has raised many questions, and now, during COVID-19, these questions become even more crucial.

This webinar will discuss the general regulation matters as well as open issues on remote working regulation in Russia by law firm PETERKA&PARTNERS from Moscow:

Remote work before and during COVID-19: can you cook and work at the same time?

  • Legal regulation of remote work in Russia: current requirements and key features
  • Remote work regime in COVID-19 reality and its effect on employment relations: employers’ obligations, open issues and difficulties, liability
  • New developments of Russian labour law on remote work: expected changes

Seregina Svetlana, Partner, Director for Russia, PETERKA & PARTNERS Russia
Gievaya Natalia, Senior Associate, PETERKA & PARTNERS Russia

Participation in Legal update webinars for FRCC membership companies only.

Information and registration through web-site or by contacting Elena Niininen:, tel. +358 50 360 7742

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